Installation, Operation, Disassembly

We are able to build a “town” for 10,000 people even in a field in just 3 days, with a complete infrastructure including electricity, water and sewerage, roads, lighting and heating.

Get ready for a full service!

Tranzorg is not a simple container rental company. With our expertise and our international service range, we can customise the containers you require, even create a multi-storey building. We provide sewerage, water and electricity supply, and we make the necessary heating and cooling systems. And if there is a need at multiple sites for container buildings already made, we can design and execute their entire re-installation.

Project Management

We fully manage the technical preparation, organisation and execution of the installation of containers according to the design documentation. During the construction phase, we coordinate the construction work, meet deadlines and ensure that the work is carried out in compliance with the authorities’ requirements.

Transport, Handling

Our logistics specialists are able to deliver containers of any size and weight, and build container buildings, even in locations that are difficult for others to access, using our modern fleet of machines.


Our services include the provision of light fences, rubber mats for ground covering, Remoplas of HEXAGONAL ALLROUND and HEXAGONAL SPECIAL variants. With these accessories we are able to serve the other infrastructure needs of your event.

Infrastsucture Site Works

Over the years, we have developed and applied a number of functional and mechanical upgrades and systems to ensure that the containers can operate with the water and sewage networks required to meet public sanitation standards, the electricity supply, and the heating and cooling systems. If their installation requires the digging of ditches for power and water supply, in addition to minor ground works, we take care of them.

Maintenance, Operation

On a regular basis, we do condition assessments and, if necessary, carry out minor repairs and maintenance on site. Containers in need of major repairs are delivered to our own site, we can also provide a replacement container with the same functionality and condition. Easy and quick repairs are guaranteed by the long-term availability of spare parts and our proven panel system. Spare parts are available in our depots, the repairs are carried out by our certified repair partners.

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Rent of Containers

Whether it's a construction site, an event or a temporary workstation, we flexibly serve your needs and we provide the most cost-effective solutions.

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Needs Assessment

You are just planning, but don't know what you want? The containers you want will always be adapted to your specific needs.


Our Partners

Our permanent partners include, among others, Sziget Zrt. or the Hungaroring, so you can meet our works at the biggest domestic festivals, but among our recurring clients there are also several foreign festivals.

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Tranzorg partner - Titan Containers
Tranzorg partner - Salisbury Archaeology
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