Tranzorg has been a strategic partner of the Sziget Festival for decades since its foundation in 1993. We have developed Sziget’s sanitation, logistics and energy solutions partly from scratch, on the fly, to accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. So we developed not only containers, but also land-using solutions for Sziget that allow access to the site regardless of the weather and which reduce the environmental impact. Our company not only assessed the water and energy requirements, built the services (water and sewage networks), but also obtained the official permits for these.

Event: Sziget Festival
Number of visitors: 400 thousand people
Office and storage container requirements: 100 units
Shower, washroom and toilet containers with water supply: 100 units
Fence installation: 4350 metres
Plastic paving: 5000 square metres
Water and sewerage: 6.3 km
Installation of radio communication system


Perhaps the second oldest festival in Hungary, the VOLT Festival is held in Sopron, at the Lővér camping site. As at the Sziget Festival, our company has been responsible for the construction of the water and sewage network, the majority of the installation of sanitary containers and shower points, and most of the installation of office containers for the performers and support staff.

Event: VOLT Festival
Number of visitors: ~120-150 thousand people
Office and storage container demand: 30-60 units
Shower, washroom and WC containers with water supply: ~20 items
Water and sewerage pipelines: ~2-3 km

Balaton Sound

The most popular festival among young people is the Balaton Sound festival in Zamárdi, on the shores of Lake Balaton. In recent years, we have not only installed temporary water and sewage networks, but the backbone network we have laid is now an integral part of the area’s infrastructure.

Event: Balaton Sound
Number of visitors: ~150-175 thousand people
Office and storage container requirements: 50-70 units
Shower, washroom and WC containers with water supply: ~25-35 units
Water and sewerage: ~3-4 km

Balaton Sound Tranzorg reference

Red Bull Air Race

For many years, the Red Bull Air Race was held in the heart of Budapest. During this time, Tranz-Org Kft. provided the backstage containers that were essential for the successful running of the event.

Event: Red Bull Air Race
Location: 2 locations (Budapest and Tököli airport)
Number of containers: 60-70 units

Our Partners

Our permanent partners include, among others, Sziget Zrt. or the Hungaroring, so you can meet our works at the biggest domestic festivals, but there are also several foreign festivals among our recurring clients.

Tranzorg partner - WHB Group
Tranzorg partner - Titan Containers
Tranzorg partner - Salisbury Archaeology
Tranzorg partner - CTX Containex
Tranzorg partner - Magyar Katasztrófavédelem