Special Services

Since 1990, we have been one of the companies in the event technology services market in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe, owned 100 percent by Hungarians!

Wide range of container types

Office containers, operational containers, residential containers in several sizes, storage containers, containers containing 16 toalets, containers containing 14 showers,combined sanitary containers containing showers and toalets, shower modules.

Water and sewerage

We provide water, waste water and electricity connections for the containers and for the events, as well as the necessary heating and cooling systems.

Our heating solutions

Our heating solutions can be used in confined spaces, basements, and can also be used for long-term or temporary heating of large air spaces and prefabricated buildings. You can choose from our electric heating mushrooms, hot air blowers, gas oil heating solutions.

Landscaping and supplementary equipment

Our services include the provision of light fences, rubber mats for ground covering, Remoplas of HEXAGONAL ALLROUND and HEXAGONAL SPECIAL variants.

Film shooting services

With our existing equipment we can serve the needs of film productions and shootings.

Provision of dressing, make-up, office and sanitary containers, even with a tank based solution, where there is no possibility to connect water and waste water.

We also carry out the necessary land and soil conservation work, as well as various horticultural tasks.

In our own locksmith and carpentry workshop we have many years of experience in satisfying individual demands.

We can provide open and closed storage capacity at our premises for short or longer term.

Locksmith works

In our workshop, in addition to tasks related to the converting and preparing containers, we also carry out locksmith works on complete building steel structures, railings, gates, canopies. Our colleagues with a long professional history and experience undertake the designing, manufacturing and constructing lightweight halls, steel roof structures, viewing stands, viewing stand sections.

Our Partners

Our permanent partners include, among others, Sziget Zrt. or the Hungaroring, so you can meet our works at the biggest domestic festivals, but there are also several foreign festivals among our recurring clients.

Tranzorg partner - WHB Group
Tranzorg partner - Titan Containers
Tranzorg partner - Salisbury Archaeology
Tranzorg partner - CTX Containex
Tranzorg partner - Magyar Katasztrófavédelem