Storage containers

Tervezéstől a bontásig - irodakonténer Tranzorg

We offer storage containers in different sizes

Transportable, reinstallable, locked containers are not sufficient for safe storage. The storage solutions delivered and installed by Tranzorg do more than that, as they not only protect the assets stored in them from unauthorised persons, but also from the elements. They can also be stacked in any arrangement and developed into complete warehouses.

Tervezéstől a bontásig - irodakonténer Tranzorg

Custom combinations

We are flexible to your needs, on request, we design the interior spaces and external appearance of any storage container according to your specific requirements.

From design to disassembly

We transport and install storage containers, including the connection of water, waste water and electricity, as well as the operation and disassembly of the containers.

Ready for rent

The storage containers do not need to be built, as they are delivered assembled at the specified location and are ready for immediate use.

Conversion of maritime containers

The 20 and 40 foot containers have the following features:

  • lighting and heating
  • frost and water protection
  • can be installed per container group
  • affordable, cost-effective operation
  • high level of security solutions
  • optional interior design

Application areas

  • storage of raw materials during construction or investment projects
  • temporary storage of movable goods during moving
  • storage of files and documents as archives
  • can also be designed individually as a residential building
  • events/festivals